Throughout the history of the elite English division, by will, the teams that ultimately claimed the championship had more than once to figure out the best in full-time confrontation in one of the last rounds of the championship, which made them even more dramatic and interesting.

Leeds United, which was close to returning to the English Premier League

Each season in the Championship is very rich in its interesting events. Many teams managed to surprise various experts and ordinary fans, convincing everyone that they play in the most unpredictable league in the world. Separately today, I want to talk about Leeds United, few believed in the prospects for getting into the Premier League, and right now Peacocks have a great place, having good chances to compete in the playoffs while maintaining good chances for direct promotion. Leeds, the model of the current season, is probably one of the strongest White teams since its departure from the Premier League 13 years ago. Then, the team, which had gnawed out its participation in the Championship in the dramatic match of the last round with “Bristol Rovers”, in which in the numerical (Max Gradel retired) minority, a strong-willed victory was won over the uncompromising rival.

The same trick almost failed Grayson’s team and a year later, the division above. Leeds had a great season and almost ended up in the playoffs for entering the English Premier League, but then the peacocks did not have enough to finish the championship and the Yorkshire people were content with only offensive 7th place. The current Leeds has every chance of surpassing the success of that squad, and they are already being talked about a lot and will talk in the future, but for now I want to talk about their closest rivals, with whom Leeds are waging a fierce fight.

Leeds VS Sheffield United

The confrontation between the Leeds United and Sheffield United teams always arouses interest among football fans, and it doesn’t matter what places the teams occupy in the standings at the time of the in-person meeting. But, on the eve of full-time confrontation, the teams are usually located at the top of the standings, which should further increase the interest in this confrontation among the fans. Recall that both teams are now fighting for getting into the zone giving the right to compete in European tournaments next season, so it is extremely important for both teams to score points in all matches and hope that direct competitors will lose these points. Consequently, the match between Leeds United and Sheffield United teams is a great opportunity for one or the other team to take points away from direct competitors and strengthen their own positions in the standings. It is expected that every match of these teams will be very tense, and emotions will beat over the edge from the first minutes of the meeting. If we talk about the favorite of the match, then it is very difficult to determine it in advance, as the clubs approach this fight in optimal teams and in excellent game form.

Recall that in the coming 2019 in the first round of the championship Leeds United inflicted a crushing defeat to their counterparts. But, there is no fault of the leadership or players of the Sheffield United team. Note that the club has got into the elite division only this season, so it does not have enough experience playing at this level. Although the players looked decent in that match, and even managed to answer with a goal scored against their famous opponents. Matches in the championship clubs spend at a good level.

Leeds United, as befits a contender for the title of champion, defeat their rivals, and Sheffield, despite the fact that they predicted a struggle for survival, their games are excellent, which allowed them to preserve their registration in the elite. Based on the words of both coaches, the match will be friendly, that is, the guests have little doubt that they will concede to the home team, although they emphasize that they plan to do it with dignity. Therefore, in each match you can expect a large number of goals scored. The bookmakers believe that Sheffield will be able to achieve victory over Leeds, and therefore offer a small coefficient to win. The fact is that it became known that the Leeds United team this season, the main team will not enter the field. This was openly stated by the team’s main tutor. In each match, any of the teams need only a victory, as this will significantly improve their standings and will save chances in the future fight for the European Cup zone.

For the Leeds United team, every match will have a special meaning. The victory will allow the club to significantly rise in the standings and beat the closest competitors. The team emphasizes the importance of each game; the poet pays special attention to them. The head coach of the home team said that he planned to release the strongest players on the football field from the very first minutes. Team Sheffield United will arrive in a weakened lineup. However, this did not prevent the coach to make a loud statement that his players are also counting on a favorable result in fights. Who will win – the game will show, and we will be rooting for spectacular and effective football.

Leeds VS Aston Villa

Of the three big clubs that fell into the Championship, Aston Villa looked the clumsiest. Newcastle needed a marafet; Norwich was accustomed to cruise between divisions in the same lineup. “Villans” needed a systemic reconstruction.

In the offseason, the club changed owners, and traditionally for Birmingham, Chinese investors began to lead. We dealt with the assets hard: 17 players were sold for 19 million euros; nine newcomers came to fifty million. For football players who should give the result immediately, overpaid. For a 29-year-old Ross McCormack, they poured 14 million euros; the mythical talent of Jonathan Kogia is a million cheaper. Chester, Edinak and De Lat are also with experience of the Premier League, Gollini, Tshibola – for the future. The main transfer, however, was Roberto Di Matteo. He needed time for the team to play, but only one victory in 11 matches and 19th place in two points from the relegation zone – the result is too weak. The myth that Di Matteo is a great coach who was not given a chance to work at Chelsea has been shaken even more.

The owners of “Villa” were nervous, but played the factor that without work, Steve Bruce, an exceptional specialist in the Championship. Only in May did he celebrate his entrance to the Premier League with Hull, but quarreled with the management. Aston Villa had no time to think. Well, that Bruce watched “Stoke City”, the main thing is that the coach was among the candidates for a suicidal position in the England team. “Bruce is a great man who has achieved a lot in this game. He would be an ideal candidate, sitting as if he was poured into this place after the story of Sam Allardyce,” Ian Holloway, former Leicester and Crystal Palace steering regards.

“Aston Villa” is very responsible and tough for Leeds United fights. The Birmingham club once again demonstrated high performance, but the defense once again failed. Thus, the unbeaten Aston Villa series lasted up to seven matches in a row, in four of which the team managed to win. Note that in all seven fights “villans” scored at least two goals. Leeds, on the contrary, is in the lead now. The winning streak of five matches helped the climb to the top of the tournament table. Throughout her they beat Bristol, Reading, Sheffield United and Bolton.

“Leeds” wants in the Premier League: they have a trainer Bielsa and crazy style

Marcelo Bielsa is a rare type of coach, a perfectionist who does everything in her own way. In its own way rallies the team (ban on smartphones based, dormitories for 10 people). He leaves the clubs in his own way (from Lazio – two days after the conclusion of the contract). In its own way it motivates players (a mixture of war communism and quotes from fans’ publics). Of course, he professes his own game style, which has few analogues in football (although it is not very similar to the tactics of Japanese kamikaze pilots). This style is Bielsa’s business card, although it might be worthwhile to use the word “religion.” Suicidal high pressure, mad intensity without a ball, maximum use of the field width and extravagant schemes (the latest experience – 3-3-3-1 in Marseille) for the sake of creating free zones. If you have heard of Bielsa at least once, then you’ll know for sure: he never deviates from his principles. If you have not heard – better ask. The coach, who is able, after two forced substitutions at the beginning of the match, to make the third tactical back in the first half, deserves attention.